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Post: Immigration Bonds

An Immigration Bond is a type of Federal Bond used in cases where a Detainee is being held by the US Department of Homeland Security or Immigration & Customs Enforcement (commonly referred to as “ICE”) pending a hearing or court appearance. In some cases, ICE will release a person based on recognizance, which does not require bond, however in most detainment cases an immigration judge or ICE itself will set a bond amount. In this case, it’s important that the detainee or their family understand their options.

There are two typical forms of Immigration Bonds that illegal aliens in ICE custody will have access to, so long as the detainee in question is not considered a threat to the safety of the public or to National Security.

The first type is known as a Delivery Bond. Eligibility for a Delivery Bond will be based on the previously mentioned Immigration Judge or by ICE itself. In this case, to be released on a Delivery Bond, the detainee must receive an arrest warrant along with a notice of custody conditions. The intent of a Delivery Bond is to ensure that the detainee will in effect show up for any and all pending immigration hearings. However, it also allows the person to send time with family and consult with an immigration attorney in the period of time leading up to the court hearings.

The second type of Immigration Bond in known as a Voluntary Departure Bond. In the case of a Voluntary Departure Bond, the detainee is given the option to voluntarily leave the country at their own expense by a time specified in the Voluntary Departure Bond. This type of bond, if paid in full to ICE, is refundable at the time the person has left the country. However, a Voluntary Departure Bond will be forfeited if the person in question, the detainee, fails to leave the country by the appropriate date.

Costs of Immigration Bonds:

Immigration Bonds amounts are set either by ICE or by an Immigration Judge. Many factors such as immigration status, criminal history, employment situation, and family ties in the United States will all play a role in the determination of the bond amount. A typical minimum for a Delivery Bond is $1,500. However, costs can increase up to $10,000. and even higher depending on the assessment of the detainee’s potential risk. For Voluntary Departure Bonds, a typical minimum is $500. However, it is important to understand that it can sometimes take a year or longer to receive a return of a Voluntary Departure Bond. When it comes time Contact Us, you will at this time only be required to pay a PERCENTAGE of the actual bond. We can help connect you to one of our trusted, experienced Immigration Bond Agents.

Obtaining an Immigration Bond:

Cash Bonds vs. Surety Bonds. In a Cash Bond scenario, family or friends of the detainee pay the full bond amount directly to ICE. Said money will then be returned once the detainee has attended all immigration court hearings. This cash bond can be paid by cash, money order, Cashier’s check, or U.S. bonds or notes.
The more common scenario is the use of a Bond Agent to secure a Surety Bond. This occurs through the help of a qualified Bond Agent. Agents typically charge 15-20% of the total bond amount, and the money or collateral you furnish is non-refundable.

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