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Post: Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney in Washington State

Finding A Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested and are being brought up on criminal charges you probably want to retain a Criminal Defense Attorney or at least consult one. The court may offer a public defender however they can often be over worked and not have enough time to dedicate to you and your case. Although they are a good option if you do not have financial means to hire an attorney to represent you.

There are different levels of criminal charges from misdemeanors (for example shoplifting) to felon (for example assault or armed robbery). Regardless of the charges you want to be sure to find a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. There are several ways to find an attorney:

Ask an attorney you have worked with in the past for (maybe) a family law issue or preparing your will. They are likely to refer you to a criminal defense attorney they trust and have sent clients to before.

Ask your family or friends if they have a recommendation.

Ask your Bail Bondsman for a referral. Your bondsman helps people every day who are facing criminal charges and they often will know an experienced, competent and trusted criminal defense in your area.

You can also refer the Local bar association. The Washington State Bar Association website link for help finding an attorney is http://www.wsba.org/the-public

The Marindale-Hubell Publications, which can be found at your local library, could be helpful in selecting an attorney. Using this publication will allow you to find an attorney with the specialty you are looking for, in the geographic area you need it and will rate the attorney for competency to help you make your selection.

You may also decide to go see a potential attorneys in action by visiting the Court House and observing them defending their clients. If you see an attorney you are interested in -try to speak with them or get their card to set appointment once they have finished handling their other clients’ court proceedings.

You may also choose to contact one of the attorneys listed in the Attorney Referral section of this website.

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