Bail Bonds

We specialize in:

  • First-time Arrests
  • Immediate Service on the phone!
  • Instant approval
  • Fastest possible releases
  • We’re open when you need us.
  • Large bond specialists
  • Familiar with WA Law
  • House calls
  • Low rates
  • 0% financing OAC
  • On-Site Service
  • Easy credit terms

Why Choose Us?

  • Years of experience saves you money .
  • Free Quotes!
  • Every situation is different. We will help you determine the fastest,
    best way for you to get your loved one out of jail.
  • If we can’t help, no matter how much work we have done, you owe us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
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Some of the things we will let you know during the call:

  • We will need to determine who will be cosigning for the defendant’s release.
  • We will require a fee, 10% of the total bond amount (called a premium). This fee is the same for ALL Bail Bond Agencies because it is regulated by the Washington State Insurance Commissioner.
  • We will need to meet with the cosigner and the defendant to fill out the necessary remaining paperwork.
  • We provide the following bail bonds: Appeal Bonds, Appearance Bonds and Signature Bonds